Payout: Upto 7% / Install*
*Increment on volume & advertiser approval

Campaign Type: CPI
Link to Product (Deeplink): no
Validation Time: 45-60 Days
Avg. Earning Per Click: 0.00
Payment Frequency: 7 working days
Program Status: Pre-Approved
Joining Fee: Zero (It's Free)
Reporting Type: Online
Country: India
Last Updated: 7th April 2020

Amazon Android App CPI Affiliate Program

. You can Join Amazon Android App CPI Affiliate Program directly through INRDeals ad network to earn highest payout of upto 7% per Install. It is one of the top converting active campaign in the category of affiliate marketing industry in India because of its high affiliate commission & validation rates. INRDeals offers pre-approved Amazon Android App CPI Affiliate Campaign with detailed category wise payout structure based on the cost per install (CPI) model. campaign allows generation of affiliate links with subid to track transactions online in real time. INRDeals offers Super Affiliates direct access to Amazon Android App CPI API which is specifically designed to promote Amazon Android App CPI affiliate program through publisher’s website & mobile app. On register for Amazon Android App CPI affiliate program via INRDeals each publisher is aligned with a dedicated account manager to solve issues regarding Amazon Android App CPI payout, invoice payments so publisher can avoid the hassle of managing complex affiliate programs & can explore the true potential of performance marketing.


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Amazon Android App CPI Conversion Flow

  1. User visits the store via the INRDeals tracking link.
  2. User makes a purchase by Paying Online or via COD.
  3. Purchase is tracked within 24 to 48 hours and is added to their INRDeals account with status as “Pending”.
  4. Sale is validated within 45 to 60 days & status is changed from “Pending” to “Verified”.
  5. In case the item is returned/cancelled, the transaction becomes invalid and the transaction status changes to “Rejected”.

Note: In some cases, the sale tracking only works after the shipment has been dispatched & it can take up-to 48 hours for the transaction to be visible in your INRDeals Dashboard.

Amazon Android App CPI Affiliate Payout Commission Structure

Category Payout


 Upto 8.50 / Install

*Note: The above commission rate is the base rate, further based on the volume & performance the commissions are incremented. Please talk you your account manager for more assistance.

Website/App Affiliation Eligblity Checker

Addons with Amazon Android App CPI Campaign:

  • Amazon Android App CPI Banner Ad Generator
  • Plug & Play auto updating Banner ads
  • CPA + CPV Hybrid Payout Support
  • Deeplink to Short Link Converter
  • Access to Latest Merchant Coupons
  • Merchant API for Custom Integration
  • Deal Feeds for Latest Deals & Offers
  • Affiliate Link via Browser Extension
  • Wordpress Plugin for auto Integration
  • JS based Auto Affiliate Link Builder
  • On the Fly Affiliate Link Generator
  • Search Bar Widget Integration
  • Access to Merchant Google Analytics
  • Publisher logo on Merchant Website

Terms and Conditions Amazon Android App CPI

Converts on: Install - Open the App

Below Fraud category will not be playable :

1) NON PLAY STORE - Installs driven by using APK installs rather than Google Play Store. Impacts advertiser by reducing installs visible on AppStore.1. Older app versions upto 1 year have been whitelisted (attached is the list) for handling pre-embed installs possibility.  2. For brands where we do not have Preloads - Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Motorola & Asus, there will be no whitelisting

2) Click Spam - Where Fraudsters fire fake clicks to capture organic traffic by misuse of Last click Attribution model.

3) FAKE ATTRIBUTION - Monitoring of click to Install time difference and flagging of where CTI is too small. Current threshold is 10secs, but this would be reviewed regularly and changed

4) DUPLICATE USER - Where there are duplicate identifiers coming (eg androidId / IMEI) even though the GAID is duplicate.

5) Device/OS - Distribution and repetition patterns of make Model / Android OS are monitored to check for fraud. If concentration heavy compared to other channels, then flagged  as fraud

6) FAKE DEVICE - The device is tampered, modified or a emulator/simulator.

7) VIRTUAL NETWORK - The Click or Conversion IP used belongs to VPNs/Proxies / TOR Exit Points / Cloud Server Hosting Services

8) CLICK UNDER - Incent Fraud (where non-incent campaign is executed on incent walls) or invalid clicks which are triggered in the background, without the user actually clicking on the ad.

Additional Benefits with INRDeals

  • Highest no of Advertisers on Single Platform
  • Automatic Link Routing for Maximum Payout
  • 24x7 Campaign Monitoring
  • Realtime Link Click Analytics
  • 100% Payout for Amazon Affiliate
  • One Click Universal Link Generator
  • Auto updating Affiliate Ads Banners
  • Access to Multiple Automated Plugin & Tools
  • Friendly Phone/Email Support
  • Handpicked Top Converting Offers
  • Single Point of Reporting & Payout
  • Hybrid Model for Maximum ROI
  • Deal & Coupon Feed
  • Access to various API’s
  • 100% Free Forever

Advantages of using Amazon Android App CPI Affiliation via INRDeals

This affiliate program is a part of the INRDeals affiliate network. After signing up for Amazon Android App CPI Campaign via INRDeals you won‘t have to sign up for any other network anymore. No more applying for programs or searching for the best Payouts as INRDeals offers fully managed Affiliate Marketing services that yield maximum returns with fastest payments all on a single platform. Our technology works across sites, apps, and social networks so you can focus on your business, earn more, and avoid the hassle of managing countless affiliate programs. Still not convinced? Click here to Check the list of benefits you can get as an INRDeals Publisher!