Frequently Asked Questions

INRDeals is internet's 1st online wakhaf that'll help you fetch the best price for your product by offering exclusive discounts on whatever you purchase from top stores.
Registration is absolutely free and easy. Click Join free, enter a valid e-mail Id or a phone number, enter your desired password and press the register button.
Don't worry, it's easy. Just click on forgot password option while login. An e-mail with link to generate your new password will be sent to your registered e-mail address.
Every INRDeals Savings card has a unique 16 digit number. Use your unique number while registering to get Rs.50 instantly in your INRDeals wallet. Further while availing offline deals, use your savings card number to get your discount coupon instantly as an SMS.
Yes, if you shop through INRDeals you can get extra discounts on already discounted products and you can also earn discounts on fresh arrivals as well. The discount may vary from product to product and merchant to merchant.
The discount you get offline is offered instantly on your bill by showing the discount SMS at the store. Local deals discount is available for instant redemption and hence doesn’t add to your INRDeals Wallet.
Internet is overflowing with so many offers & deals. We handpick hot deals and exclusive offers from all across the top stores that undergo rigorous checks like quality check, price check, merchant check, warranty check & many more and once they make through it, they are displayed on the home page.
INRDeals wallet is your online wallet which gets credited with the money you save on each transaction.
Yes, once your INRDeals wallet reaches a threshold of Rs.500, you can withdraw the same through your bank account or in your Paytm wallet or redeem it through online recharge.
You can check your transactions in the “Transaction Report” Tab on the panel of your dashboard.
Your cash rewards can be rejected due to following reasons-
Your order was cancelled.
Terms & conditions not met.
The order was exchanged/ returned.
Go to your Dashboard, point to reports, click on report missing transaction, fill in the details and clicks submit. We'd immediately check the status and revert back.
There are some products & offers where no margin/offer is offered by the merchant due to merchant exclusivity of the product, so you may not be able to earn any cash reward on that particular product.
After successfully placing the order, you should see the amount in your INRDeals wallet within 72hrs in the tracked/pending state.
The entire process takes 4 to 12 weeks to get completed as different companies have different timelines for their return policies; usually the transaction gets verified in 39 Days.
No, there is no expiration date for the money in your INRDeals wallet. You've earned it and it will remain yours forever.
Presently the money in your INRDeals wallet is non-transferable but we are working on it and as soon as we get RBI's approval, you'll be able to transfer money between different INRDeals wallet.
Simply request your deal, specify your product requirements, your budget, time frame and a team of best deal hunters at INRDeals will compare, bargain & fetch the best deal for you at the earliest.
Loyalty link is the link you generate that helps you get further discounts on your desired product.
There are 2 ways to generate your loyalty link-
Method No.1
• After logging into your account a dashboard will open asking for the desired URL, Enter the URL
• Click on “Generate Link” to get your custom link
Method No.2
• Click on Merchant tab
• Click on ‘Visit Merchant’
These links will redirect you the merchant.
Click on the loyalty link, you'll be redirected to the page from where you selected the product. Proceed with normal buy now and the money you save will be reflected in your INRDeals wallet within 72 hours.
Click on See offer details, then press the 'Get your Coupon' option and enter your mobile number. The discount code will be sent to your number as an SMS and you can show the SMS at the store to avail the benefits.
Go to your dashboard, point at the reports and then click link stats.
We hope you never come across such situation but if you do, you directly contact the merchant and carry on the return procedure as specified by them.
INRDeals believes in optimal customer satisfaction and we don't wish to pose any restrictions on our user. You can easily redeem your money through your bank account or in your paytm wallet and use it as it pleases.
INRDeals is just a gateway to different online top stores. At INRDeals you get all the hot deals/offers at a single platform rest the transaction is carried on at the merchant's page you are shopping from.
Yes, every customer you refer who signs in using your unique promo code will get Rs. 50 upfront in their INRDeals wallet and will also save on every purchase. They get what they save in their INRDeals wallet plus you also get 30% of whatever they will save in your wallet.
It's an easy process. Go to your dashboard>refer & earn>generate refer code>custom refer code, type your desired referral code and click generate. Your unique customized referral code will be generated.
While signing in click on the check box saying 'Interested in Advanced Publisher Services' and we'll contact you.
INRDeals has first of its kind ad network of deal& coupon engine which can help you become direct advertiser of top stores and you'll generate extra income on every purchase made through your link.
Promote the deals by sharing ads/ your loyalty link on your social networking sites like facebook/instagram/blog/website and earn on every purchase made through your link.
No, INRDeals Imposes on limit on how much you can earn & infact the tools provided by INRDeals helps you make a 6 digit income a reality.
As an INRDeals publisher you get free tools like Bookmarklet, Dynamic Ads, Static Ads, Wordpress Plugin, Deals Engine & a lot more.
We work Monday to Saturday and we can be reached using our contact form, through our social pages, by email or even via phone. Follow this link for more: INRDeals