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What is INRDeals for Publisher?

Apart from helping Shoppers earn Cashback, INRDeals offers fully managed Affiliate Marketing services using which publishers not only enjoys maximum returns with minimal effort but also fastest payouts all on a single platform. INRDeals ad-network is one the fastest growing network of publishers and advertisers. Publishers can easily upgrade their earning potential and monetize their content with the innovative tools offered by INRDeals. With built in state of the art, easy to use automated technologies like affiliate aggregator & deals engine, INRDeals stands out from the competition. Impressed Already? Signup for Free Today!

All In One Platform

Innovative Smart Tools

Best & Fastest Payouts

Simple & Hassle Free

Pool of Aggregated Advertisers

With a single signup at INRDeals, publishers gets instant access to affiliate programs of over 300+ top advertisers including Flipkart, Swiggy, Jabong, KFC, Myntra etc, all aggregated on a single dashboard. Further all the campaigns are already pre-approved & can be taken live in matter of seconds!

1000+ Campaigns & Counting

Publisher enjoys direct access to wide variety of campaigns which include CPS, CPI, CPC, CPL, CPA all from a single INRDeals dashboard. As an INRDeals Publisher you get to choose from different pre-approved campaigns resulting in over 18,00,00,000 affiliate products.

100% Payout in your own Amazon Affiliate Account

Associate your own Amazon official Affiliate account/tag with INRDeals Tools & leverage your marketing game. Enjoy Hassle Free Link generation & analytics for all Amazon links via INRDeals Dashboard along with Amazon payments directly into your own Amazon Affiliate account without any additional cut (100% Income).

60% More Payout than a usual Shopper!

As a Publisher, you can expand your Revenue Stream by earning additional 60% more payout than what usually a normal shopper earns as a cashback. The revised payouts are applicable across all advertisers including Flipkart, Jabong, Swiggy, KFC etc further the details can be checked through the campaigns tab in the dashboard.

One Click Link Generation

Using INRDeals one click affiliate link builder, publishers can seamlessly generate affiliate links of over 260+ advertisers without worrying about any of the deep linking parameters or the type of merchant and can instantly promote the generated affiliate links on their website or any of their digital assets like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Telegram, Twitter etc.

Managed Dynamic Ads Banners

INRDeals provides its publisher with automatically changing banner ads that are updated automatically and are fed with the top deals of the hour which are very lucrative ads which yields publisher more conversions. These ads are responsive & require zero maintenance further these ads can be placed on the sidebar as well as within the content in any website or app.

Managed Affiliate System for Max ROI

Links generated via INRDeals system requires zero link management as the link always remains the same & even works when campaigns is paused! As Affiliate Programs are volatile it requires a constant link monitoring, if not it can redirect your users to a broken page. Our dedicated team does all management incase the payout changes or the campaign gets paused, the traffic is automatically routed through the highest & most reliable network keeping the link same. No more broken links & you always get the maximum ROI!

Wordpress/JS Affiliate Link Plugin

Install the INRDeals WordPress Plugin/JavaScript Code in your website for automatic conversion of links into affiliate links. No need to go through the tedious process of manually generating individual deep links, the smart plugin automatically converts any non-affiliate link from any partnered advertiser into your own affiliate link. It even supports conversion of existing links!

INRDeals Chrome Extension

Save time by generating affiliate links on the go. This tool makes life of an affiliate marketer breathe easy as short links can be generated instantly for any product page directly via Chrome Browser and you can be ensured that the purchases through that link are credited to your account. Also Get regular notifications of ongoing hot deals in your browser, so you don’t miss out on any chance of promotion.

Android App Widget

Android App Widget Replaces existing affiliate links within text into your own shortened affiliate link keeping the text as it is. The INRDeals Android Assistant floats above any opened app for instant access & can expand existing shortened affiliate links including,,, etc. Works best while copying deals from social media & circulating the same on your Whatsapp/ Facebook/Telegram channels.

Affiliate Post Generator

Affiliate Post Converter is a very handy tool if you are looking to instantly convert someone else’s deal with their affiliate links into your own affiliate links.The Best part about the link generator is that it even works with all the popular short urls as well including,,, etc & converter support upto 3 links at once. Use it to instantly share deals & offers with your audience over Facebook, Whatsapp, Telegram etc with just a click!

Hot Deal Page for Websites

Since good content is key to monetize any website, we take care of that also for you. By pasting a simple code on the website, publishers get a ready-made mini deals page that will be updated automatically and features the best deals of the hour, hence increases user engagement. This mini deal site works as an auto blog which require no maintenance.

Single Point of Reporting & Payout

Through INRDeals, publisher enjoys fastest payout (within 7 days) and that too through a single window without dealing with multiple payout threshold of different merchants. As a Publisher you’ll also get aggregated reports, transaction details & link analytics from all merchants on your INRDeals dashboard.

Rewarding Hybrid Model

INRDeals has innovated a unique hybrid model that provide publishers with the maximum rewards on all their marketing efforts, the unique hybrid model rewards publishers by help them earn revenue for generating traffic / traction to a campaign irrespective of sale being made or not. This Hybrid model works across all the advertisers & is even compatible with multiple tools available at INRDeals.

Handpicked Top Converting Offers

INRDeals solves the problem of finding hot promotable content by handpicking the best deals (available on theHomepage) that can be promoted via shortened tracking links. These deals are periodically updated and are sourced automatically by the team of deal hunters that work around the clock. The top offers are also available via INRDeals official Telegram channel.

Refer & Earn

A Publisher can refer more publishers or even normal users and can earn 30% of whatever they earn/save on promoting/shopping through INRDeals.

API Access

Whether you are looking to start your own cashback website or want to showcase the top affiliate stores to your user INRDeals has API’s built to develop custom solutions. Our extensive variety of API’s enables publisher explore endless product possibilities some of our commonly used API include: Store API, Reports API, Deal Feed, Short URL API etc. We also provide custom white labelled options as well that even enables you to use your custom domain as affiliate link.

Dedicated Support

Be assured of constant monitoring of your campaigns to optimise it and attain absolute growth, as our dedicated Account Managers work round the clock to provide optimum support to publishers. Our team is available any time of the day for any queries or for any tips that will help you achieve your goal. All the publishers are aligned a dedicated account manager who’s contact details are available in the dashboard.

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