Sharing Is Caring, Now It's Rewarding Too!

Gift your friend Rs.50 & Earn 30% of your friend's earning

Terms & Conditions

1. Your unique referral code can be generated only once.
2. In order to participate in the referral program, you must accept and agree to the terms, policies and referral conditions of INRDeals.
3. The customer you refer should successfully sign up at INRDeals using your referral link/code to become an INRDeals user and to be in your referral network.
4.Your referred friends will get Rs.50 in their INRDeals wallet exclusively when they signup using your refer code/link and you'd not be viable for any benefit from it.
5. As a referral you will receive 30% of your referred friend's savings/earning for 90 days. There after you'd not be liable for any benefits from their transactions.
6. This refer & earn program is not applicable on local deals. You'd not be applicable for any benefits, If your referred friend avails benefits on local deals.
7. Only one referral link/code can be used. In case a user has access to multiple INRDeals referral links/codes, the corresponding link/code he uses shall be considered valid.
8. There is no limit on the number of friends you can refer or the amount of money you can earn by referring. You can refer your friends via facebook or whats app or SMS or e-mail etc.
9. This referral program is only one-tier. If your referred friend (suppose 'B'), further refers his/her friend (say 'c'), then only 'B' will get 30% of the savings of 'C' and not you (consider yourself as 'A').
10. The referral amount is calculated on 30% of the base commission without including any bonus amount. ie. If the referred user is a publisher then the referral payout is calculated on the amount what shopper would have earned where as if the referred user is shopper then the referral payout will be exactly 30% (as the shopper payout does not include any bonus).
11. INRDeals in its sole discretion can either update/modify referral program at any time. The updated/modified terms will be posted on and continued participation shall constitute consent to the modifications.
12. User's INRDeals account can be terminated in case of suspicion of any fraudulent or invasive activity.
13. The INRDeals referral program is non-exclusive and at any time we may solicit customer referrals via any method in our sole discretion.

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