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[200+ List] Best Affiliate Programs in India with Jun' 2020 Commission

Are you Looking for the Best Affiliate Programs in India? Then you are on the right page as we have handpicked & listed some of the top affiliate programs from the Indian affiliate marketing industry. The list has been separated niche wise & contains the details about the payout, cookie duration & all other information you need to run a successful affiliate marketing campaign. Promoting an affiliate programs is one of the best ways for bloggers and influencers to make money online in India and overseas. Publishers can also earn maximum commission by joining top Indian affiliate programs. The option to filter the list based on the highest paying affiliate campaigns are also available.

What to look for while choosing an affiliate Campaign?

Choosing a right campaign to maximize your profits via affiliate marketing is one of the most important & the basic step in kickstarting your journey as an affiliate marketer. We have jotted down some of the most important factors that you should keep in mind while deciding the right affiliate campaigns to promote from the pool of over 2000+ available different affiliate programs :

  • How popular is the brand & its products?

    Since you'll be promoting other people's products in your own network so it is important to know the popularity of the brand & also the product/service offered in the market. If you are promoting a brand that is not popular among the masses, it can take a lot of time & effort in driving a single lead or a sale. So it is very important to set the foundation right so that you get the best out of you invested man hours.

  • What is the commission structure of the campaign?

    Every publisher runs a campaign to mint money, so if it is all about money you must have a clear idea about the commission rates you are going to get for promoting product for the advertiser. Be it a Flat Payout, a Percentage based payout or even a slab based payout, payout for each campaign will vary according to the type of campaign so, while deciding for a program, you should always consider the payout as one of the most influential parameters.

  • What is Cookie duration & other terms & conditions associated with the campaign?

    A cookie is a small file stored on the user’s computer. In affiliate marketing, cookies are used to track affiliate referrals. Further a cookie’s lifespan reflects how long the prospective buyer who clicks through your affiliate link might make you a profit through a given campaign. For instance, let’s say a seller sets the cookie duration to 30 days. This means you as a publisher have exactly 30 days to seal the deal, once a link has been clicked. As this time is exhausted, that’s it — no profit for you. However, if a purchase is made within this period, it qualifies for a commission even if the next time the visitor did not clicked your link. Thus, the longer the expiration date, the better for the affiliate marketer.

  • Does the campaign fits within your niche?

    You should always select & promote only those campaigns that match the niche that you are working on. This is because you already understand the market & have audience from the same market. It is always easier to get conversions when the promoted product & service matches with your own target audience.

  • What are the conversion rates or EPC?

    EPC or Earning per click is a conversion metrics that will allow you to see how fruitful is each click that is given to the advertiser, It also gives an idea as to how effective is each click that is given to the merchant. When you choose any product, how much you can earn from it is very important, so always keep the EPC and conversion rates in your mind while choosing your affiliate campaigns.

  • How competitive is the pricing offered by the advertiser?

    Make sure that the campaign you choose offers a competitive pricing than what merchant of other campaigns are offering as more competitive the price is better are the chances of conversion.

Types of affiliate campaigns based on pricing models:

India has a population of over 1.3 Billion but still Indian markets differ than the western ones as the buyers in India are very price-sensitive, so it may be the case that if you are running a Cost per Sale campaign for a high ticket brand outside India, you might earn big but whereas in India that campaign might not give you the similar results. We have jotted down some of the different payout models that gives publishers best returns on their efforts. Depending on the requirements as mentioned below, the publishers can choose the suitable payout model. Here we have listed the types of affiliate campaigns that are based upon pricing models:

  • Cost per sale(CPS):

    It is an online advertisement pricing system where the publisher or website owner is paid on the basis of the number of sales that are directly generated by an advertisement. It includes both Physical and Digital products. For example, Flipkart affiliate campaign gives commissions based upon the number of sales, this is based on CPS model.

  • Cost per Lead(CPL):

    When an advertiser pays a publisher any time a user takes an action on the publisher's website that generates a lead for the advertiser it is known as CPL campaign. Credit card affiliate campaign gives payout up on number of leads is an example of CPL campaign.

  • Cost per mille(CPM):

    It refers to the cost of displaying an advertisement one thousand times, here the publishers receives commission on every 1000 impressions given to an advertiser. To measure the success of a campaigns generally a term CTR which stands for Clickthrough rate is used & is defined as clicks received per thousand impressions.

  • App Download Campaign(CPI):

    It is a type of campaign where the advertiser pays for getting app downloads. Also known as Cost per Install Campaign, It is generally of 2 types: Incent & Non-Incent, In the incent type generally some sort of incentive is offered by the publisher to lure its users to download the app & in case of Non-Incent no such incentive is offered. The payout for the non incent kind of traffic is generally higher than what is offered for the incent traffic. Example of such app promoting can be a campaign like Dream11 app download campaign that gives payout on each app install a publisher drives!

  • Visit Based Campaign(CPV):

    It another popular payout models that is adopted by the new advertisers that are looking to build brand online, In the CPV kind of online advertising model advertiser pays for each visit the publisher brings on the advertisers website/landing page. For example, SpartanPoker affiliate campaign gives payout based upon number of visits. Here the Visit is only counted if the visitor opens the page & the page is fully loaded.

  • Cost per Click(CPC):

    It is somehow similar to CPV campaign but here the publisher gets paid when a click on advertiser’s banner/link takes place.

  • Action Based Campaign(CPA):

    An actions based campaign is a mixed type of campaign that may involve a series of events like filing a form & then making a purchase. For example, 1MG affiliate campaign offers commission based on app download followed by a user signup. The action can be registration, registration then sale, download then registration etc. Here the publisher is eligible for the payout only when the action as given in the terms & condition is fulfilled.

Most Profitable Niches for Affiliate Marketing

Every affiliate marketer knows selecting the right affiliate niche is the basis to make money online, Whether you are a blogger or a seasoned affiliate marketer you must have searched for “What Are The Most Profitable Niches For Affiliate Marketing?” We have got you covered, Here is the list of 8 Most lucrative affiliate niches that are evergreen & are used by top marketers to earn via affiliate marketing.

  • Food Ordering Affiliate Programs

    Tasty & Healthy food is everyone’s choice and in the era of social media, food bloggers and youtubers are earning a lot from popular food affiliate programs which include top campaigns like Swiggy, Pizzahut, Dominos, Bigbasket, KFC, and many more. The most beneficial thing about these food affiliate programs is that when someone order food, there are less chances for return it back,so you can earn more from these affiliates. Further these campaigns have frequent recurring orders!

  • Fashion Affiliate Programs

    Fashion is a trending everywhere and there are so many fashion and clothing brands available in the market like Puma, Nyke, Biba, Nnnow, Reebok, Manyavar, etc that are being promoted by so many popular affiliate programs which include Myntra Affiliate Program, Amazon Affiliate Program, Shoppers Stop Affiliate Program, etc. Fashion bloggers are becoming more popular as people are always googling about the latest fashion trends.

  • Travel & Hotels Affiliate Programs

    Travelling is the best way to explore the world around us and there are a number of travel bloggers on the internet who share their travel experiences and give tips about the best places to visit. There are so many travel affiliate programs available which include MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program, Affiliate Program, Air Asia Affiliate Program, etc. With these, there are also some best hotel booking affiliate programs available like Oyo Rooms Affiliate Program, Trivago Affiliate Program, Zostal Affiliate Program, etc. Be it Rail tickets, bus tickets, air tickets, hotel booking or even package booking, there is a campaign available for Indian audience!

  • Gaming and Sports Affiliate Programs:

    Games and Sports are very important for growth(Physically & Mentally). There are many Gaming & Sports Affiliate Programs that offer high commissions which include Decathlon Affiliate Program, Sportskeeda Affiliate Program, Dream11 Affiliate Program, etc.

  • Tech Affiliate Programs

    Tech is exploding high with the advancement of innovative gadgets and there are some famous Tech affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliate Program, Flipkart Affiliate Program, Samsung Affiliate Program, etc that offer best electronic products with handsome payouts.

  • Books Affiliate Programs

    With the advancement of digital technology, now it is easy to access the latest and best books by simply downloading ebooks or audiobooks. There are many popular book affiliate programs like Amazon Affiliate Program, Infibeam Affiliate Program, Bookswagon Affiliate Program, etc, that offer best fictional, literature, motivational, educational books and many more with best price.

  • Health & Fitness Affiliate Programs

    Some people are curious to know that Which is the best Health & Fitness Affiliate Program? There are so many personal care & fitness affiliate programs available like Healthxp Affiliate Program, Healthkart Affiliate Program, Nutrabay Affiliate Program, Cultfit etc that offer the best payouts.

  • Domain & Hosting Affiliate Programs

    Domain & web hosting are most essential item for website owners and web developers. There are many domain & hosting affiliate programs like GoDaddy Affiliate Program, Bigrock Affiliate Program, ZNetLive Affiliate Program, etc, from which you can earn high commissions.

Top 10 best affiliate campaigns in India

Whether you are a content marketer or a blogger knowing which performance marked affiliate campaigns are converting well for other affiliate marketers is very important. As there are over a thousand affiliate companies to choose from, so we have handpicked a list of top affiliate programs you can join today to make money online.

  1. Amazon Affiliate Program

    It is the leading affiliate program that helps publishers and website owners to monetize their traffic. The best part about this campaign is that the buyers are very receptive about the Amazon’s brand so there are more chances of earning a recurring commission from this campaign. Amazon India from time to time runs a CPI(cost per install) campaign that offers a decent commission every time a customer installs the Amazon Android app via a publisher’s site or blog.

  2. Flipkart Affiliate Program

    Flipkart is one of the most trusted & oldest brands in e-commerce industry. Today, shoppers can buy everything from books to home appliances, from clothes to furniture, from baby care products to automobile spare parts on Flipkart and its affiliate program offers a category based payout with commissions ranging from 1% to 12% for different product categories.

  3. Swiggy Affiliate Program

    As we all know that Swiggy is the leading food ordering campaign that delivers healthy and tasty food directly from top restaurants to its customers. Its services are efficient and if you want to invest your time to make a better profit, you must join this great affiliate program.

  4. Myntra Affiliate Program

    Myntra have all that to spruce up for your fashion look. Myntra promotes so many popular brands like Puma, Nyka, Koovs, Reebok, and many more. By joining Myntra affiliate program through INRDeals you can get access to Myntra product API and banners.

  5. Makemytrip Affiliate Program

    MakeMyTrip is the most popular, reliable and hassle-free travel portal among travellers. MakeMyTrip Affiliate Program is much helpful for travel bloggers to make a steady income and it also provides bonus to its affiliate marketers.

  6. Dominos Affiliate Program

    Dominos Affiliate program is India’s leading well-organized Pizza Marketing program. People are attracted to Dominos because of its first-class services and lucrative offers which makes it a good affiliate program for promotion that gives payout up to Rs.27 per sale.

  7. Nnnow Affiliate Program

    Nnnow is the official online store from where you can buy a wide range of clothes, apparel, accessories, watches, shoes of your favourite global fashion brands including top premium brands. You can Join Nnnow Affiliate Program to earn the highest payout of upto 35% per Sale which is one of the highest commissions in the fashion industry.

  8. PharmEasy Affiliate Program

    It is one of the top converting active campaigns in the medicine delivery category of affiliate marketing industry in India because of its high affiliate commission & validation rates.

  9. Healthkart Affiliate Program

    Healthkart is India’s leading health care and fitness store and its affiliate program helps you to earn extra money by recommending their products.

  10. OyoRooms Affiliate Program

    OyoRooms is India’s largest hotel network and you can join its city specific affiliate program to earn the highest commission rates on hotel booking.

Top 10 Best selling affiliate products to promote in 2020

Everyone google’s about the latest and best deals to get products at lowest prices. Here we have a list of top selling affiliate products that people are searching daily:

  1. Encyclopaedia & reference books:

    It is now easy to promote essential books online as they are available with decent discount rate.

  2. Diapers:

    You can promote products like baby diapers as it is available at very competitive price online from multiple affiliate stores.

  3. Makeup Kits:

    You can also promote latest variety of good quality makeup products from famous brands online at low prices.

  4. Household Grocery Products:

    It is very easy to get all the grocery items as they are available at the doorstep with just one click. Now you can checkout wide variety of grocery and household products online with best offers by popular affiliate programs.

  5. Headphones and earphones:

    Some affiliate programs offer best quality headphones and earphones from top brands at best price as headphones and earphones are the most used products because of their less durability.

  6. Women dresses:

    You can discover the latest and branded dresses online with the top fashion affiliate networks at best deals as they also offer sales and discounts on dresses.

  7. Mobile phones

    Some popular affiliate programs offer latest launched mobile phones of top brands like Samsung, Apple, Vivo,etc at comparable prices.

  8. Sport shoes

    You can promote latest collection of men’s and women’s sports shoes online with India’s top fashion affiliate programs at reasonable price range.

  9. Domain hosting

    Some affiliate programs provide web & domain hosting at the lowest prices, so you can join these campaigns for making good earnings.

  10. Health supplements

    You can also promote health and dietary supplements online at best price with the famous healthcare affiliate programs that offers latest health products with decent commissions.

Highest paying affiliate campaigns in India

Some people wonder that Which is the highest paying affiliate program to join? So, to clear their confusion, we bring the list of top highest paying affiliate campaigns:

  • CitiBank Credit card Affiliate Program

    This program is top in the list of highest paying commission rates of up to Rs.3000 per lead.

  • Adidas Affiliate Program

    You can join this affiliate campaign now for big earnings as it gives payout up to 13% per sale.

  • Licious Affiliate Program

    You can make maximum money online by joining this affiliate program that gives payout up to Rs.250 per sale.

  • The Body Shop Affiliate Program

    You can earn high with this great affiliate program which offers highest commission rates up to Rs.380 per sale.

  • Zoom Car Affiliate Program

    Join this program now to take maximum profit as it offers payout up to Rs.280 per sale.

  • Zivame Affiliate Program

    This Affiliate program provides best commissions up to 29.75% per sale that maximize your side income.

Most Popular Affiliate programs for bloggers

Today Blogging is a new trend for popularity and bloggers are earning big by promoting affiliate products online. We have listed some famous affiliate programs for bloggers that offer the best payouts.

  • Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Flipkart Affiliate Program
  • GoDaddy Affiliate Program
  • AliExpress Affiliate Program
  • OyoRooms Affiliate Program
  • Dominos Affiliate Program

Who is eligible to promote affiliate campaigns?

Many people have this question that who is eligible to become an affiliate publisher & promote affiliate product? For them, the simple answer would be any one who has traffic/network & can drive sales & leads for brands. We combined a list of such category of people:

  • Bloggers

    Bloggers are eligible to become publishers because they ave avid readers who come to their website to view the posted content, further since these readers follow the recommendations of the bloggers so it is very easy to promote products that truly add value. Some of the strategies that are used by top bloggers like recurring a product, unblock a product, posting about what’s trendy so you can get the best platform to increase their earnings and they aid the company to promote its products.

  • Website Owner

    Anyone with his personal website or business site having good internet traffic on their site can join Affiliate Marketing for referring sales and leads.

  • Influencers

    Influencers can promote affiliate programs and services to maximize their income as per the number of followers on social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

  • YouTubers

    Youtubers are also eligible to join as an affiliate publisher as they help in the promotion of the company’s products, popular brands, and latest technology items through their videos and increase their side income.

  • Social Media Enthusiast

    People who are always active on social media like Instagram, Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, etc can also promote affiliate products if they have a sizeable audience on their pages /groups/channels.


Affiliate marketing is growing fast and INRDeals is one of the best affiliate networks that gives the publishers best returns on their efforts. You can join our network now for taking affiliate benefits with high commission rates as there are over 500+ different affiliate campaigns to choose from!