Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to INR Deals

INRDeals is an Online & Offline Platform that helps users offer deep discounts & deals to make their hard earned money worth! It helps find the latest offers, coupon codes and sale discounts through the top, trusted and popular stores both online & offline.

INRDeals is an online and offline platform that offers deals and discounts at most trusted and popular online and retail stores. We make shopping easier, enjoyable and rewarding for you by bringing you breath taking deals on major online stores.
Yes, you need to register with a valid email id and phone number.
Savings Card is a special card for INRDeal’s Loyal users. Any savings card from INRDeals will contain a number. Using that number while registration can get you Rs. 50 as loyalty Reward.
You can enter your savings card number while registration process. If you enter Savings Card number you will get Loyalty reward Of Rs. 50 already added in your panel.
You can use Savings Card Number while generating a Local coupon for any local store. You will get instant coupon code on your mobile number, if you enter the savings card number there.
Simply generate a new password by clicking on “Forgot Password” option at log in page. An email with link to generate a new password will be sent to your registered email Id.
Simply go to ‘Request a Deal’ on homepage and tell us on what product you want to save. Set a time frame and budget. We’ll get you a deal.
If you to buy a product which is not listed on INRDeals and you want to earn more discount on that product. You can generate your direct link from your account dashboard.
Method No.1
• After logging into your account a dashboard will open asking for the desired URL, Enter the URL
• Click on “Generate Link” to get your custom link
Method No.2
• Click on Merchant tab
• Click on ‘Visit Merchant’

These links will redirect you the merchant.
Click on the Check Box saying ‘Interested in Advanced Publisher Services’ and we’ll contact you.
Check your transaction in the “Transaction Report” Tab in the panel.
You can withdraw your affiliate threshold amount of Rs. 500 easily by entering your bank account details.