What is INRDeals?

INRDeals is an online and offline platform that offers deals and discounts at most trusted and popular online and retail stores. We make shopping easier, enjoyable and rewarding for you by bringing you breathtaking deals on major online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, ebay, Koovs, on a variety of products that include electronic, apparel, shoes, home, lifestyle, etc., all at one platform. The offers include discount coupons, promotional codes and cash rewards on a variety of products like clothes, accessories, electronic items, food, travel itineraries, and all that you wish to buy!

What makes INRDeals better than the rest?

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How can I maximize Benefit?

Other than all the amazing offers you can avail only at our website, we also bring to you a golden opportunity of earning for promoting/sharing/advertising the deals at our website. What sets us apart is, though, our strong and trusted offline presence. We present to you, "INRDeals Reward Card" that can fetch you extraordinary discounts and offers at the coolest stores and food hangouts in your area. Become a promoter to know more.